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We are delighted that you would like to know more about the Garden Rays team. A team of gardeners so passionate about helping you with your garden.

Ashley Grace

Meet Garden Rays team! 

Hi I’m Ashley, the founder of Garden Rays, where you will find hundreds of posts related to gardening that will break down barriers and allow anyone to garden.

Because you are visiting our site, I believe that you also share the passion of the garden. This passion that benefits your mind, body and soul.

As gardeners, we know how getting out in the garden at the end of a busy day reduces your stress levels, we know this feeling of joy to see your first plant or flower of the year appear, or this taste of this fresh fruit that you just picked up in your own garden.

Some history

Garden Rays was launched in 2007 with the ambition of granting simple and honest advice related to gardening, and creating a place where anyone could ask any question about all things in the garden and they would get a friendly, easy to understand answer.

We’re proud of how it’s evolved over the years.

We believe that success comes from it being run by a team of gardeners who care about what they are doing, as gardening is a part of their everyday lives. Their passion and energy for it knows no bounds.

Britney Barth
Albert Douglas

Working in the Community

Our passion of gardening does not end there. Each year Garden Rays work with a number of charities to allow them to build and sustain their gardens through donations from our sponsors, so they are able to enjoy their gardens just like we do.

We also volunteer our time to local organizations to teach others about gardening and its benefits. Because we believe that gardening is essential to a happy and better world.​

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